Acrylic Co2 Drop Checker Kit

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  • Acrylic Co2 Drop Checker
  • 4dKh Solution
  • Easy Installation

Convenient and easy way to measure Co2 levels

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Acrylic Co2 Drop Checker Kit

Simplify and enhance your carbon dioxide monitoring with our user-friendly Co2 Drop Checker Kit. Crafted from durable acrylic, this tear drop-shaped kit offers a convenient and easy way to roughly assess the CO2 concentration in your aquarium.

The kit includes essential components for quick installation and use. Inside the packaging, you will find the tear drop-shaped acrylic drop checker, a 4dKH solution, and a suction cup for effortless attachment. The 4dKH solution works in tandem with the drop checker, changing color based on the CO2 concentration in the water.

Using the kit is a breeze. Simply fill the tear drop-shaped drop checker with the provided 4dKH solution, place it in your aquarium, and let it do the work. The color of the solution will change, giving you a rough indication of the CO2 levels in your aquarium. While not a precise monitoring tool, this kit provides a convenient and easy way to monitor CO2 levels without complex procedures.

Discover the convenience and simplicity of the Acrylic Co2 Drop Checker Kit, available at The Aquascape Shop. Stay informed about the approximate CO2 levels in your aquarium and create an optimal environment for your aquatic plants. Order your tear drop-shaped kit today and enjoy the convenience of this essential monitoring tool.

Drop Checker Co2 Levels

Packing List:

  • Teardrop Drop Checker x1
  • 4dKH Solution x1
  • Suction Cup x1



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