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Tackle the most demanding plants, or just enjoy everyday magic in the simplest tank. The easiest way to unlock the true potential of your planted tank today.

The 2Hr Aquarist All-In-One Fertiliser.
Richer Colors, Less Algae. Faster Results.

Dose 5ml per 100L four times a week or 3ml per 100L daily.

Purchase this item and get 1651-6086 Points - worth $0.83-$3.04
Purchase this item and get 1651-6086 Points - worth $0.83-$3.04


the choice of award winning aquascapers


3X Savings

Buying the nutrients separately easily add up to US$75+. A 500ml bottle of APT costs US$24.995 in 1

100% comprehensive Macro+ Micro formula of N, P, K, Iron and Traces in our proprietary Capstone RatioTM.100 days guarantee

Try it for 100 days. If it doesn’t work, get a full refund. We are aquarists too and want the best for you. 


Real results.
Plants grown the 2Hr WayTM using APT display a unique richness and form.
We developed APT because we could not find any existing product that met our needs.


Even for the simplest tank, good plant health helps prevent algae and keep fish happy.
APT ensures your plants get 100% of what they need.
Healthy plants, happy fish, algae-free.


Sure thing!
As aquarists ourselves, we say ‘whatever works’.
The right performance fuel just makes it easier and (we find) a lot more exciting.


APT Complete contains the 3 macro nutrients Nitrogen(N), Phosphorus(P), Potassium(K) + Iron(Fe)
+ Essential Trace Minerals. Importantly, in the right amounts.
You can buy these 5 individual components (e.g. Potassium) for around US$15 each.
5 x $15 = $75.


We are the first to say that a super fert by itself cannot deliver a dream tank.
Good flow, bio-filtration, the right plant mix, water parameters etc. all matter.
That is why we pair it with the internet’s most comprehensive resource on planted tanks, right here.

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Starter – 100ml, Refill – 200ml, Standard – 300ml, Refill – 500ml, Refill – 1000ml

7 reviews for APT Complete (3)

  1. h3llra1z3r3

    This is great stuff. I had been using my own ferts for 3 years but decided to give this a go baed on overseas reviews. Leaves look fuller and colours are richer.

  2. jinxly01 (verified owner)

    Based on the fact you only need one bottle for everything stands out over seachem, api and other fertilizer brands that don’t always contain everything your plants need and saves money on other products. This is already proven to be less time consuming with a few pumps every day or 2nd and not to mention the amount you’ll save in money over buying 6-7 seachem bottles to get the same result. My plants already look healthier and its been less than a month.
    Hands down the best fertilizer you will find in nz.

  3. jesse.sign.wright (verified owner)

    Changed to this around 3months ago from other brands. Have seen a huge change in the health of the plants. Can’t see myself going back to any other brand. Very simple to use and basically fool proof with guaranteed results.

  4. westies12 (verified owner)

    Have been using this for some time and very happy with it

  5. djnieuwoudt (verified owner)

    Easy to use, good value

  6. Jordan King (verified owner)

    Another great 2HR aquarist product. Basically everything plants need in a bottle and you need such a small amount so it actually lasts a while unlike some other brands. Will continue using apt3 and other 2HR aquarist products in all my tanks.

  7. psycho_owl (verified owner)

    Fantastic fertiliser, I use a combo of this and apt zero, keeping things simple and effective

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