APT Start

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2HR AQUARIST APT Start, Substrate Enrichment + Starter Bacteria.

Powerful booster for new tanks.
Enhances substrate richness and accelerates readiness for planting and livestock introduction.

1 Pouch (45g) per 60x30cm / 24″x12″ area.

APT START combines 2 essential upgrades for every new tank- substrate enrichment (a performance boost for 97% of aqua soils) and a concoction of starter bacteria to jump-start tank cycling.

Solid inorganic macronutrient fertilizer with beneficial bacteria
NPK mineral fertilizer with micro-nutrients 8.8-0-0.5

8.8% Total Nitrogen (N)
1.8% Nitric nitrogen
7% ammoniacal nitrogen
0.6% Potassium oxide (K2O)
4.5% Calcium oxide (CaO)
1.5% Magnesium oxide (MgO)
0.01% Total Iron chelated by EDTA
Macro and micronutrients are completely water soluble

Clay, Calcium sulfate (CMC1 CAS n°7778-18-9), ammonium sulfate (CMC1 CAS n°7783-20-2), Potassium sulphate (CMC1 CAS n°7778-80-5), Magnesium sulphate (CMC1 CAS n°7487-88-9), Magnesium nitrate (CMC1 CAS n°10377-60-3)

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2HR Aquarist – APT Start

APT Start


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