Bioloark Bio Bottle LED SD

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“Pursue the pleasure of nature integrating biology and space, light, air, water and soil. Biological ark nurtures vigorous life”

Create beautiful terrarium scenes with these stunning glass Bio Bottles.

Built in LED light with fan (no fan on SD175 model) and adjustable ventilation.

A variety of shapes and sizes to fit every living or work space.

USB plug for easy connection to power.

Discover endless possibilities for your aquascaping hobby with The Aquascape Shop.

Purchase this item and get 10694-16520 Points - worth $5.35-$8.26
Purchase this item and get 10694-16520 Points - worth $5.35-$8.26
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Bioloark Bio Bottle LED SD

The Bioloark Bio Bottle LED SD brings a small fragment of the jungle and thus liveliness into the home. These high-quality nano terrariums in organic teardrop shapes allow a symphony of creativity, harmony, and biological diversity in any living or working area thanks to their extraordinary design and unobtrusive technology.

The LED lights integrated into the cover provide pleasantly warm illumination of the terrariums and, with a colour temperature of 6.500 K, mirrors natural daylight. This promotes the growth of the plants, in addition the atmospheric, warm light pleasantly illuminates the living or working area and transforms dreariness into vitality. The additional variable air slots built into the cover provide aeartion in the terrarium or allow for a closed humid biotope. The larger version SD – 200 has an additional fan for active cooling of the LED bulbs installed.

The Biolark Bio Bottle LED SD offers a variety of design options. Whether epiphytic orchids, a mossarium and home for bryophytes or a Wabi-Kusa with emerse plants – there are no limits to gardening creativity on a nano scale.

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SD175, SD200


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