Aquarium Filter Hose

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  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Corrosion and abrasion resistant
  • Aquarium safe

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Purchase this item and get 373-459 Points - worth $0.19-$0.23
Purchase this item and get 373-459 Points - worth $0.19-$0.23


Aquarium filter hoses that are completely transparent are a great choice for use in an aquascaped aquarium. These hoses are designed to be unobtrusive and blend seamlessly into the background, allowing the beauty of the aquarium and its inhabitants to take center stage.

Made from high-quality PVC, these hoses are durable and long-lasting. They are also resistant to algae growth and discoloration, which is essential for maintaining the aesthetic appeal of an aquascaped aquarium.

In addition to being transparent, these aquarium filter hoses are typically flexible and easy to install, allowing for customization and a variety of configurations. They are available in different sizes, including 12/16mm and 16/22mm diameters, to fit a range of aquarium sizes and filtration systems.

These filter hoses are a great choice for those who want to maintain the aesthetic beauty of their aquascaped aquarium while still providing effective filtration to keep the water clean and healthy for the fish and plants living in it.

We recommend getting a Filter Hose Brush to help with the maintenance of these filters in the long-run.

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Filter Hose Size

12/16mm, 16/22mm


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