Co2 Aquarist Mini Dual Stage Regulator

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Model: Co2 Aquarist Mini Dual Stage Regulator
Gauges: Single
Stages: Dual
Inlet Port: W21.8-14 European Standard
Output Pressure: 0-0.5Mpa
Outlet Pressure Gauge: 0-0.6Mpa
Solenoid: DC 12v
Wattage: 3W
Manifolds: N/A


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The Mini Dual Stage Co2 regulator is a high-quality dual-stage regulator designed specifically for smaller aquariums. Perfect for use with SodaStream bottles, paintball cannisters and AU/NZ Co2 cylinders. With an adjustable output pressure, you are protected from end of tank Co2 dumps. The high-precision needle valve allows for maximum fine tuning of Co2 up to as low as 1 bubble per 10 seconds. Our 12v DC magnetic solenoids are designed to shut off completely when Co2 injection isn’t required.

All our regulators are designed to fit AU/NZ’s Co2 cylinder threads which follows the W21.8 European standard.

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