DIY Tropica Plant Nutrition Plus AIO

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-Complete Nutrition
-Achieve healthy plant growth
-Based on a known recipe

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All-In-One solution – Macro and Micro

This recipe is based on Tropica’s fertilizer range and is comparatively lean to the rest. Best used if you’re looking for an all-in-one solution that provides you with just enough to get your plants healthy.


  1. Disinfect container
  2. Mix Packet with 1000ml distilled water / room-temperature water that has been boiled
  3. Keep refrigerated and away from sunlight when not in use for best results
  4. Tropica recommends to dose 5ml per 50 litres of tank water per week.

Each does adds:

5.9ppm NO3
0.31ppm PO4
3.9ppm K
0.39ppm Mg



1 litre worth of dry fertilizer mixture DIY Tropica Plant Nutrition Plus AIO
3ml plastic pippette


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