Dragon Stone Ohko

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  • Dragon Stone (Ohko Stone): decorative rock for aquariums
  • Irregular shape & texture resembling dragon scales
  • Natural appearance & creates distinctive rock formations
  • Grey-green-brown colour
  • Versatile for creating unique aquarium displays
  • Used for backdrops, caves, hiding places, planted aquascapes

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Purchase this item and get 773-17390 Points - worth $0.39-$8.70
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Dragon Stone aka Ohko Stone

Ohko Stone, also referred to as Dragon Stone, is a popular rock/hardscape choice for aquascaping and aquarium setups. This unique stone derives its name from the Japanese term meaning “big stone” and is highly regarded for its irregular shape and texture, reminiscent of dragon scales.

Aquarists value Ohko Stone for its natural appearance and its ability to create captivating rock formations within an aquarium. It serves multiple purposes, such as providing a striking backdrop for aquatic plants, creating caves and hiding spots for fish, or serving as a sturdy foundation for planted aquascape designs.

Typically exhibiting a blend of grey, green, and brown hues, Ohko Stone lends a natural and organic feel to any aquarium. Its color variations and diverse sizes and shapes make it a versatile option, enabling you to craft a truly unique and visually appealing aquarium display.

Whether you seek to create a lush underwater garden or a dynamic aquatic landscape, Ohko Stone offers endless possibilities for unleashing your creativity. Embrace the beauty of nature and transform your aquarium into a mesmerizing habitat with the remarkable presence of Ohko Stone.


Dragon Stone – JC&P Aquarium

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1 review for Dragon Stone Ohko

  1. veracity21 (verified owner)

    Had some shipped to me and I am very happy with the peices that were chosen for me ! Looking forward to changing up my tank.

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