Glass Co2 Drop Checker Kit

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  • Glass Co2 Drop Checker
  • 4dKh Solution
  • Easy Installation

Convenient and easy way to measure Co2 levels

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Glass Co2 Drop Checker Kit

Simplify the monitoring of carbon dioxide levels in your aquarium with our Glass Co2 Drop Checker Kit. Crafted from high-quality glass, this kit offers a reliable and convenient way to assess the CO2 concentration, ensuring optimal conditions for your aquatic plants.

The kit includes all the essential components for easy installation and use. Inside the packaging, you’ll find the glass drop checker, a 4dKH solution, and a suction cup for effortless attachment. The glass construction ensures durability and provides a clear view for accurate readings.

Using the drop checker is a breeze. Fill it with the provided 4dKH solution, securely attach it to your desired location using the suction cup, and observe the color changes. The drop checker serves as a visual indicator of the CO2 levels in your aquarium, helping you make necessary adjustments for optimal plant growth.

Packing List:

  • Glass Drop Checker x1
  • 4dKH Solution x1
  • Suction Cup x1

1 review for Glass Co2 Drop Checker Kit

  1. djnieuwoudt (verified owner)

    All in one setup, good quality

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