Lindernia Rotundifolia

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Type: Stem
Origin: Asia
Growth rate: Medium – Fast
Height: 15 – 30+
Light demand: Low
CO2 : Medium

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Roundleaf Lindernia (Lindernia rotundifolia) is an extremely versatile plant that is ideal for the midground of the aquarium. It has very few special requirements beyond clean, nutrient-rich water and moderate lighting. It will thrive and grow very quickly even in low-tech setups. It will also grow very well (and even flower) when emersed, so it can also be an excellent paludarium plant.

Care for Roundleaf Lindernia is very simple. It grows quickly when provided with nutrient rich soil and moderate lighting. It will grow at a slower pace under low lighting. Like most stem plants, it can be trimmed and cuttings can be replanted. In the case of this prolific plant, regular pruning will likely be necessary to avoid overgrowth. Like many plants, this plant will respond significantly to CO2.


Not all plants are equal. We work really hard to make sure you get the best quality plants at the best prices. What you can expect to receive are as per photos. All our plants are harvested fresh, algae free and in great health. The conversion process to submerged form starts in our grow out tanks, this ensures that your success with our plants are maximized.

Submerged: A plant grown completely below the tank’s waterline.

Emersed: A plant with growth above the tank’s waterline (leaves/stems, flowers).


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