Netlea Aquarium Soil Improved Version

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  • Humate Derived Soil
  • Buffers pH at 6.5
  • Nutrient Dense – Up to 18 months!
  • No rinsing required
  • Upgraded Formula
  • 9 litres

An improved version of  the Oriental’s No.1 Selling Aquasoil

We recommend using APT Start as a substrate additive in addition to all aquasoils for an additional boost in nutrient holding capacity.

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Netlea Aquarium Soil Improved Version

Introducing Netlea Aquarium Soil Improved Version, the nutrient-rich and highly acclaimed Aqua Soil available at The Aquascape Shop!

Enhance the growth and beauty of your planted aquarium with Netlea Aquarium Soil Improved Version. Designed specifically for planted tanks, this 9-litre bag of Aqua Soil is a must-have for aquascaping enthusiasts.

Experience the convenience of a substrate that remains fertile and nutrient-dense for up to 18 months, eliminating the need for frequent root tab additions. Netlea, the trusted manufacturer, stands behind this claim, ensuring long-lasting performance and vibrant aquatic plants.

Recognized as the number one selling aquasoil in East Asia, Netlea Aquarium Soil Improved Version has gained a reputation for its exceptional quality and outstanding results. Join the ranks of satisfied aquarists who have witnessed the transformative effects of this premium aquasoil.

Featuring stronger and more durable granules, Netlea Aquarium Soil Improved Version resists crushing and maintains its structure over time. This ensures stability and prevents soil compaction, providing an optimal environment for root development and nutrient absorption.

With its pH buffering capability of approximately 6.5, this aquasoil creates the ideal acidic conditions that aquatic plants thrive in. By mimicking their natural habitat, it promotes healthy growth, lush foliage, and vibrant colors, allowing you to create a stunning underwater landscape.

While some initial cloudiness may occur upon installation, it will dissipate overnight, leaving your aquarium water clear and pristine. Sit back and watch as your aquatic plants flourish in this enriched substrate. The soil granules of Netlea Aquarium Soil Improved Version are elegantly brown, adding a natural and earthy touch to your aquascape. This visually appealing color complements the overall aesthetic of your underwater world, creating a captivating and immersive environment.

Discover why aquarists worldwide choose Netlea Aquarium Soil Improved Version for their planted tanks.

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Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 50 × 5 × 25 cm


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