Dr. Tank Power Sand

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  • 2 liters
  • Prevents substrate from compaction
  • Improves growth rate of microorganisms
  • Rich in nutrients
  • Natural porous volcanic rock

Note: A 2 liter bag is sufficient to cover a 90 by 45 by 45 tank. This is to be used sparingly. 

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Power Sand is a base substrate material designed for providing nutrients to the roots of aquatic plants and promotes the growth of bacteria within the substrate.

Having a nutrient rich substrate helps heavy root feeders such as Echniodorus and Cryptocorynes.

This is not ADA.

Substrates & Soil Guide

This works really well combined with any type of Aqua Soil.

Theoretically speaking power sand will improve the nutrition content of your Fluorite / Inert substrate by slowly releasing nutrients over time into the substrate layer for absorption by the plants.

If you have any questions – send us a message on facebook and we’ll explain what Power Sand is used for and if you need it.

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