Dr. Tank Power Sand

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  • 2 litres
  • Prevents substrate from compaction
  • Improves growth rate of microorganisms
  • Rich in nutrients
  • Natural porous volcanic rock

Note: A 2 liter bag is sufficient to cover a 90 by 45 by 45 tank. This is to be used sparingly. 

Purchase this item and get 1738-2781 Points - worth $0.87-$1.39
Purchase this item and get 1738-2781 Points - worth $0.87-$1.39
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Power Sand by Dr.Tank is a specialized substrate additive designed to enhance the growth and health of plants in your aquarium.

Here are some reasons why you might consider using Power Sand Substrate Additive:

  1. Nutrient-rich substrate: Power Sand is formulated with a blend of high-quality minerals, nutrients, and beneficial bacteria. It provides a nutrient-rich base for your aquarium plants, ensuring they have access to essential elements for healthy growth. The substrate acts as a reservoir, slowly releasing nutrients into the water column over time.
  2. Improved root development: Power Sand creates an ideal environment for root development. The granules are porous, allowing oxygen to reach the roots and facilitating the exchange of gases. It also promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria, which help break down organic matter and maintain a healthy root system.
  3. Prevents nutrient depletion: Over time, regular aquarium substrates can become depleted of nutrients as plants consume them. Power Sand helps to prevent nutrient depletion by acting as a long-term nutrient source. It replenishes the substrate with essential elements, ensuring plants have a continuous supply of nutrients for sustained growth.
  4. Enhanced water filtration: The porous structure of Power Sand promotes water circulation and filtration within the substrate. It creates an environment for the growth of beneficial bacteria that aid in biological filtration, helping to maintain water quality and reduce the accumulation of harmful substances.
  5. Supports healthy bacteria colonies: Power Sand contains beneficial bacteria that help establish and maintain a healthy microbial ecosystem in the substrate. These bacteria break down organic waste, preventing the buildup of harmful compounds and promoting a balanced and stable aquarium environment.

It’s important to note that while Power Sand can provide several benefits for planted aquariums, it is not a substitute for proper aquarium maintenance. Regular water changes, appropriate lighting, and a balanced fertilization regimen are still essential for the overall health and success of your aquarium plants.

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