Detailing – Seiryu Stone

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  • Highly jointed surface
  • Grey colors
  • Perfect for Aquascaping
  • Raises water hardness
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Purchase this item and get 2199 Points - worth $1.10
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Ryuoh or Seiryu (also known as Minilandschaft) stones are especially attractive for an aquascaped layout. With their rugged exterior they can easily be combined to make larger formations. The grey colour of Ryuoh and Seiryu evokes the image of rugged massive rock formations or mountains. This makes them highly suitable for Iwagumi layouts.

These are pre-washed, packaged and carefully selected detailing stones. They are designed to be used for adding little details to your aquascape and are not full sized stones.

Sizes will range from as small as 2cm to 10cm.

Yes this is real Seiryu.


Aquascaping Rocks: Planted Aquarium Hardscape Essentials Part 2 - Aquascaping Love

Note the little detailed texture stones in this scape – this is what you can achieve when you add detail rocks to your scape.

Can I use stones and driftwood in My Planted Aquascape? | by Planted Tank Source | Medium

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