T-shape Inline Atomizer

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‘-Non Corrosive
-Diffuses Co2 efficiently
-Doesn’t impede current flow
-Replaceable ceramic diffuser

Purchase this item and get 2799 Points - worth $1.40-$1.50
Purchase this item and get 2799 Points - worth $1.40-$1.50
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This inline atomizer is mounted in the tubing leading from the filter to the aquarium tank (pressure side). The integrated diffusion surface guarantees an extremely fine customization of Co2, leading to efficient Co2 absorption.
At the same time, this inline atomizer works almost without making any noise, completely without the annoying “twittering” many glass diffusers emit.

In contrast to other external atomizers, the flow rate of the water within the filter circuit is only marginally influenced, the water flows straight through the inline atomizer.

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12/16mm, 16/22mm

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