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Potassium Nitrate

Potassium Sulphate

Magnesium Sulphate

Chelated Trace Element Mix


Additional preservatives are added to prevent mould and act as an antioxidant which enables the Macros and Micros to be combined.

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Originally known as Poor Man’s Dupla Drops it was created by Paul Sears and Kevin Conlin in 1996 as a method to supply the plants in the aquarium with all the necessary nutrients, but to restrict phosphate as a means to control algae. Phosphates must be restricted, but not eliminated, otherwise the plants will start to die. Originally the PMDD formula had no phosphates in it as it was presumed that enough would be available in the tank from the fish. In recent years though it has been shown that Monopotassium phosphate is also required in the formula as not enough to supply the plant’s needs comes from the fish. From this dosing method came Estimative Index (EI) which doses higher levels of nutrients, but resets the tank’s levels with large weekly water changes and the Perpetual Preservation System (PPS-Pro) which is very similar to PMDD but with phosphate added and which tries to match nutrient dosing with plant uptake so reducing water change frequency. There are also many other variations of PMDD which are used very successfully around the world by experienced aquatic plant keepers. Even many hydroponics systems use the PMDD formula with great success.



  1. Disinfect container
  2. Mix Macro powders with 500ml distilled water / room-temperature water that has been boiled and left to cool.
  3. Mix Micro powders with 250ml distilled water / room-temperature water that has been boiled and left to cool.
  4. Keep refrigerated and away from sunlight when not in use
  5. Dose as your plants require

Dosing is:

Macro – 2ml per 40 litres

Micro – 1ml per 40 litres

Each dose adds:
1.5 ppm Nitrate
0.4 ppm Phosphate
1.6 ppm Potassium
0.2 ppm Magnesium



500ml worth of TAS PMDD +PO4-REVISED Macro

250ml worth of TAS PMDD + PO4-REVISED Micro

3ml plastic pippette



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