Week Aqua Mounting Kit

$49.99 inc. tax

  • High Quality Aluminum
  • Fits tanks up to 5-15mm
  • Easy Installation
  • Adjustable height

Note: This is for a set of 2

Out of stock

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These mounts work with the TAS Oceanus, Week Aqua Raptor and Week Aqua L Series for both v1.0 and v2.0

With these mounts you can adjust the light’s height, allowing for better spread and control over your brightness.

These mounts are pretty sturdy, we’ve priced them to be great value for the materials that were involved in making them.

Give them a try, you won’t be disappointed!


Please leave a note in the comment on which lights you want to be using these mounts for and we will provide the correct model.



If you still don’t have a rimless tank, you need to get them custom made! These mounts are suited for rimless tanks.

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