Week Aqua Z400 Series RGB-UV LED

$339.99 inc. tax

  • Built-in Bluetooth Controller
  • Full Spectrum RGB-UV
  • Intense Vivid Colours
  • 90 watt
  • NZ/AU plug
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Purchase this item and get 29564 Points - worth $14.78


Week Aqua Z400 Series RGB-UV LED

Introducing the Week Aqua Z400 Aquarium Lights, specially designed for planted tanks! With their advanced features and sleek design, these lights are perfect for enhancing the beauty and vitality of your aquatic plants.

Powered by a robust 90-watt output and equipped with RGB-UV technology, the Week Aqua Z400 lights offer a stunning visual display with customizable colors. Create a mesmerizing underwater ambiance that showcases the natural colors of your plants and brings your aquarium to life.

What sets the Week Aqua Z400 Series RGB-UV LED apart is their NZ/AU Compliance certification, ensuring that they meet the highest safety and performance standards in New Zealand and Australia. You can trust the quality and reliability of this premium product, making it a smart choice for your planted tank.

Controlling the lights is easy and convenient with the Bluetooth app, available for your smartphone or tablet. The app offers pre-programmed modes, including sunrise and sunset modes, that mimic natural lighting conditions for a gradual and smooth transition of light.

Plus, with adjustable RGB settings, you can fine-tune the intensity and color of the light to suit your preference and create the perfect ambiance for your aquarium.

The timer function on the app allows you to set a precise lighting schedule for your plants, ensuring a consistent and healthy environment. Promote the growth and well-being of your aquatic plants with the Week Aqua Z400 lights, designed to optimize their performance and showcase their beauty.

Upgrade your planted tank with the Week Aqua Z400 Series RGB-UV LED and experience the ultimate lighting solution for your aquatic plants. With their cutting-edge features, NZ/AU Compliance certification, and convenient Bluetooth app control, these lights are a top choice for aquarium enthusiasts who demand the best. Elevate your aquarium to new heights with the Week Aqua Z400 Aquarium Lights!

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Z400D PRO, Z400Z PRO


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