Anubias Barteri var. Nana

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Plant info

Type: Rhizomatous
Origin: Africa
Growth rate: Slow
Height: 5 – 15+
Light demand: Low
CO2 : Low

Get great value with a full fresh cup of Anubias Nana – Algae, Snail & Pest free! Each cup contains anywhere from 3 – 5 plantlets.

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Anubias Nana

The Anubias Nana is an extremely popular plant that stays relatively small and compact.  Hailing from Cameroon, equatorial West Africa, this plant is an ideal choice for those who are looking for a plant that is low-maintenance, easy to look after and hardy. Anubias in general is a slow growing species however their leaves are extremely durable and will last for many years. Anubias Nana can be grown on aquasoil, attached to hardscape – both wood & stones.

The plant is suitable for both low-tech and high-tech aquariums. If you’re new to the hobby of keeping plants alive in an aquarium, you may be unsure of which plant is best for your first. If so, Anubias Nana might be just the ticket! These hardy little plants are perfect for beginners because they tolerate a wide range of water conditions and grow slowly enough that it’s easy to keep up with their maintenance.

Check out this article from The 2HR Aquarist on how to grow Anubias species.




Not all plants are equal. We work really hard to make sure you get the best quality plants at the best prices. What you can expect to receive are as per photos. Tissue Culture plants are snail free, algae free and in great health. Tissue culture plants can vary in quantity and size. Tissue culture plants will continue to grow in their cups until the nutrients within the media is completely exhausted. Store in a cool and clean area if you do not intend to plant immediately. Plant immediately once opened. Please refer to our guide on tissue culture plants.

We recommend the usage of a 2HR Aquarist Fertilizer with all our aquarium plants for the best growth, colouration and plant health.


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