Chihiros Aquarium Background LED Lightscreen

$200.69$404.99 inc. tax

  • Easy Installation
  • Bluetooth Controlled via MyChihiros App
  • Creates a glow around your aquascape
  • Minimizes Shadows & provides depth and dimensions


Purchase this item and get 17451-35216 Points - worth $8.73-$17.61
Purchase this item and get 17451-35216 Points - worth $8.73-$17.61


Chihiros Aquarium Background LED Lightscreen

The Chihiros LED Backlight Lightscreen is a convenient and easy-to-install white LED backlight designed for aquariums, aquascapes, paludariums, and terrariums. Its diffused, wide-reaching light provides a unique glow to your aquascape, minimizing shadows and offering a clear view of the layout, plants, and inhabitants. By adding a background lighting your aquascape gains depth and dimension, creating a visually stunning display.

The backlight can be effortlessly attached to the aquarium using the pre-attached bracket, ensuring a secure installation. Customized gradient films (not included) can be added if so desired.  The Chihiros LED Lightscreen comes with an in-built bluetooth controller making it  compatible with the MyChihiros app ecosystem and allowing seamless integration with your Chihiros Aquarium lights.

By using a compatible smartphone or tablet along with the MyChihiros app, you can access features such as timer functions, dimming options, pauses, and even pre-set programs. The app control enables you to create completely customizable daily schedules, providing full control over your lighting setup.

MyChihiros App

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As an authorized reseller of Chihiros in New Zealand, The Aquascape Shop ensures that all Chihiros electrical products come with local NZ/AU plugs. Fully compliant with standard electrical safety standards in New Zealand and Australia, we take pride in offering our customers products of the highest quality. Therefore, all Chihiros electrical products purchased from The Aquascape Shop are covered against any manufacturer defects or issues. We stand behind the reliability and performance of Chihiros products and are committed to ensuring your satisfaction with your purchase.

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Background Light Screen Size

45 x 30cm, 60 x 36cm, 90 x 45cm


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