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  • APT Complete APT Complete 200ml
    Up to $5.60 off

    The 2HR Aquarist

    APT Complete (3)

    From $17.47 NZD $18.99
  • APT Dew - 100ml
    $1.76 off

    The 2HR Aquarist

    APT Dew

    $20.23 NZD $21.99
  • APT Estimative Index APTe_500F_2000x2000_lp
    Up to $5.60 off

    The 2HR Aquarist

    APT Estimative Index (E.I.)

    From $22.99 NZD $24.99
    Up to $5.44 off

    The 2HR Aquarist

    APT Jazz

    From $31.27 NZD $33.99
  • New Nutrients APT Zero APT1_500F_2000x2000
    Up to $5.60 off

    The 2HR Aquarist

    APT Zero (1)

    From $18.39 NZD $19.99
  • Osmocote-Root-Tab-Aquarium-Plant-Fertilizer5-tablets
    $0.05 off

    The Aquascape Shop

    Osmocote Root Fertilizer

    $0.95 NZD $1.00
At The Aquascape Shop, we stock a number of aquarium plant care products to help you grow strong, healthy plants and build a luscious underwater environment. Whether you’re looking to establish strong roots, encourage plant growth, or tackle algae buildup, we’re sure to have the solutions you’re looking for. You’ll find an assortment of specialised products in our collection, including root feed, algae treatment, substrate additive, and liquid fertiliser for aquarium plants of every kind.

Take a look through our complete aquatic plant care range below and find the perfect solutions for your needs at The Aquascape Shop.

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