Alternanthera reineckii ‘roseafolia’

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Type: Stem
Origin: South America
Growth rate: Medium
Height: 20 – 30+
Light demand: Medium
CO2 : Medium
Purchase this item and get 300 Points - worth $0.15-$0.25
Purchase this item and get 300 Points - worth $0.15-$0.25


The pink underside of the leaves of Alternanthera reineckii ‘roseafolia’ provides an effective contrast to the many green plants in an aquarium – particularly when planted in groups. Stems becomes 25-50 cm tall.

Good light encourages the leaves to turn red. Easy to propagate by nipping off the terminal bud and planting it in the substrate. This also makes the mother plant more bushy, because more side shoots are formed.
Alternanthera reineckii ‘roseafolia’  originated in South America.


Not all plants are equal. We work really hard to make sure you get the best quality plants at the best prices. What you can expect to receive are as per photos. All our plants are harvested fresh, algae free and in great health. The conversion process to submerged form starts in our grow out tanks, this ensures that your success with our plants are maximized.

Submerged: A plant grown completely below the tank’s waterline.

Emersed: A plant with growth above the tank’s waterline (leaves/stems, flowers).

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Submerged, Emersed

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