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  • Full light spectrum
  • Luminous and vivid colours
  • In-built bluetooth controller
  • 2021 Edition
Purchase this item and get 16990 Points - worth $8.50-$19.00
Purchase this item and get 16990 Points - worth $8.50-$19.00


The A plus series is particularly suitable for heavily planted aquariums with many light-hungry, fast-growing species. Due to the larger illuminative area of the lamp, it is more likely that one light bar will suffice even with deeper tanks. Additionally the A plus series comes with adjustable mounting adapters. For this purpose, L-shaped metal brackets are attached to the lamp body and unobtrusive acrylic holders to the side panes of the aquarium. These brackets can be significantly adjusted in height, so that this lighting system is also suitable for terrariums, paludariums or open aquariums with plant constructions poking out of the water. Additionally is is possible to adjust the lamp in length a bit by shifting the metal pins.

The great colour rendering is a result of RGB LEDs, through which a colour spectrum is achieved which optimally supports the growth of the plants. This offers undisputable value for money.

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RGB A451Plus, RGB A601Plus, RGB A901Plus, RGBA120PLUS

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