Chihiros Tube Brush

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– Cleans hoses thoroughly
– Fits easily in 12/16mm and 16/22mm hoses
– Flexible and bendable

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This tube brush by Chihiros is a must have maintenance tool. Use it to clean your aquarium filter pipes or your lily pipes. Take your pick from single head or double head.

Cleaning your Lily Pipes

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Single Head, Double Head

1 review for Chihiros Tube Brush

  1. jinxly01 (verified owner)

    This is a really good cleaning product for your intake and outtake hose saves a lot of time being able to detach and run the brush a couple time up the entire hose very easy to clean. Its nice and long, very flexible and fun to handle. I recommend keeping it in its box afterwards so it doesn’t keep trying to straighten out. Great product!

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