Co2 Standard Kit for Planted Tanks

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  • All-In-One*
  • Reliable Dual-Gauge regulator
  • Co2 resistant tubing
  • Premium diffuser
  • Check Valve

*Everything you need except the bottle

Note: We recommend at least 2m of Co2 high-pressure hose.


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Co2 Standard Kit for Planted Tanks

This Co2 Standard Kit for Planted Tanks features everything you would need to start-up a Co2 system for your planted tank.

Achieve lush and beautiful growth, we are happy to guide you through the entire setup and maintenance process.

Co2 bottles can be purchased from your local brewery stores or via trade-me.

Mandatory Items:

  • Co2 Regulator
  • Co2 Hosing
  • In-tank Diffuser

Optional Items:

  • Drop Checker
  • Drop Checker Solution (4dKH)
  • Co2 Splitter

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2 reviews for Co2 Standard Kit for Planted Tanks

  1. courpse (verified owner)

    Very nice product.
    Everything was top quality and very easy to set up.

    Also the customer service was fantastic. Introduced me to co2 and was very informative.

    Can’t wait to see the plants thrive.

  2. jesse.sign.wright (verified owner)

    Great kit to kick off the co2, have since adapted this kit to work on all the large tanks! Simple and easy to use!

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