Java Fern Philippines

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What We Like About This Plant:
  • Highly textured variety that thrives in brackish water
  • Attractive bright green leaves
  • Thrives when attached to driftwood or rockwork
  • Extremely easy care
  • Requires low to moderate lighting

Note: This is for approximately 1 small clump

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The Philippine Java Fern is a unique variant that has ultra-textured leaves and originates from brackish water!

Philippine Java Fern (Microsorum pteropus “Philippine”) is a very attractive, popular, and low-maintenance plant for the freshwater aquarium. Its long, bright green leaves provide an attractive aquascape as well as important refuge and grazing area for shrimp and fish as well as fry. Unlike many plants, Narrow Leaf Java Fern attaches itself to and propagates on aquarium décor as an epiphyte. It will thrive in both emersed and submersed conditions in the aquarium and paludarium. It can even live in brackish water…in fact, this particular variant was originally discovered in a brackish habitat in the Philippines. However, it has been cultivated in nurseries and can also thrive in freshwater as long as the water is not too acidic.

Philippine Java Fern is relatively slow-growing, at least initially. It only requires low to moderate lighting and nutrient rich water, although its growth rate can be increased through CO2 injection/supplementation. It reproduces through rhizome division and the production of offshoot plantlets, and it thrives in most areas of the aquarium. Philippine Java Fern should not be planted with its rhizome (roots) buried in the substrate because it will rot and recede. Due to its thin leaves, it should not be housed with large crayfish, medium to large cichlids, goldfish, or any other animals that are prone to excessively picking at plants.


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