Lemna Minor – Duckweed

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Type: Floater
Origin: Worldwide
Growth rate: High
Height: 1
Light demand: Low
CO2 : Low

Note: Price is for 3 tablespoons which is more than enough as they grow fast.

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Lemna Minor – Duckweed

Lemna minor, better known as duckweed, grows in standing to slow-moving waters around the world. L. minor requires little more than adequate lighting to perform well in the aquarium, although little water movement at the water’s surface will make it even more difficult to control. Certain species of fish will also consume L. minor, such as goldfish and other carp.

This small floating plant requires absolutely no coaxing for propagation. In fact, the hobbyist will soon be scooping it out weekly to prevent it from totally blocking out light to the lower levels of the aquarium. Due to the difficulty in containing this species, L. minor cannot be recommended for any aquascape save natural biotopes where it provides a sense of security to the fish, lowers nitrate levels, and, with its dangling roots, provides an authentically natural atmosphere.


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