Maple Leaf Rock

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  • Textures surface
  • Brown to slightly red colors
  • Perfect for Aquascaping
  • Does not raise water hardness
Purchase this item and get 3599 Points - worth $1.80
Purchase this item and get 3599 Points - worth $1.80
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Maple Leaf Rock is a very distinctive type of stone that is widely used in aquascaping. The stone is red/orange in color and is composed of several layers. The many layers make the stones also suitable for attaching plants.

The Maple Leaf Rock does not do anything with the water parameters and can therefore be used without consequences in aquariums with soft water / low pH.

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Shipping cost needs to be discussed and will depend on location.

We package all of our exotic stones with ample padding/protection during shipment. However, we recommend rinsing any residual dust with non-chlorinated water before aquarium usage.

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