Mini Acrylic Plant Pot

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  • Acrylic
  • Single Mounting Point
  • Strong suction

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Mini Acrylic Plant Pot

Introducing our Acrylic Aquarium Pots with Suction Cups – the perfect solution for expanding your aquatic plant collection and adding a touch of greenery to your aquarium. These innovative pots are designed with convenience and versatility in mind, providing a practical and visually appealing planting space right inside your tank.

Crafted from durable and transparent acrylic material, these pots offer exceptional durability and clarity, ensuring optimal visibility of your plants and their root systems. The lightweight nature of acrylic makes them easy to handle and install in your aquarium.

Equipped with reliable suction cups, our acrylic pots securely attach to the walls or floor of your aquarium, preventing any shifting or floating while providing stability for your plants. This allows you to position the pots at various levels and locations within the tank, unleashing your creativity to create stunning aquascapes.

With their open top design, our acrylic aquarium pots provide an easy and convenient way to introduce a variety of aquatic plants directly into the pots using a suitable planting medium. This allows you to carefully select and showcase your favorite plant species in your aquarium.

The versatile size of our acrylic pots makes them suitable for small to medium-sized aquariums, accommodating a range of plant species and aquascape designs. Whether you prefer small carpeting plants or taller stem plants, our pots provide ample space for their roots to grow and thrive.

Maintaining these pots is a breeze. Regular maintenance routines such as monitoring lighting, fertilization, and pruning apply, and occasional removal of the pots for trimming or replanting ensures the health and vigor of your plants. Keeping the pots clean helps to maintain their clarity and prevents the buildup of algae or debris.

Expand your aquatic plant collection and take your aquascaping to new heights with our Acrylic Aquarium Pots with Suction Cups. Designed for functionality, durability, and aesthetic appeal, these pots offer a practical and attractive solution for creating additional planting space in your aquarium. Elevate your aquascape and enjoy the beauty of lush, thriving plants right at your fingertips.


Height: 4.2cm

Length: 3.5cm

1 review for Mini Acrylic Plant Pot

  1. Sharon Morse (verified owner)

    I was looking for a small plant holder for water wisteria (to act as floating plant but remain in position). Worked perfectly.

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