Week Aqua P Series RGB-UV LED

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$429.99$619.99 inc. tax

  • Full Metal Construction
  • Full Spectrum RGB-UV LEDs
  • Vivid Colours
  • In-built Bluetooth Controller
  • Hanging Rope Kit Included

Award winning lights

Purchase this item and get 37390-53912 Points - worth $18.70-$26.96
Purchase this item and get 37390-53912 Points - worth $18.70-$26.96


The Week Aqua P Series RGB-UV LED aquarium lights are the perfect addition to any aquatic environment. With their sleek design and superior functionality, these lights will enhance the beauty of your aquarium while providing optimal lighting for your aquatic plants and animals.

Crafted from high-quality materials, the P Series lights are built to last. They feature a waterproof design that ensures they can withstand the rigors of aquatic environments and deliver consistent performance for years to come.

The P Series lights are equipped with advanced LED technology, providing efficient and effective lighting that will showcase your aquatic environment in all its natural beauty. The lights come with adjustable brightness and color temperature controls, allowing you to customize the lighting to suit your specific needs. With these bad boys you can grow virtually any plants and illuminate even the deepest of aquariums.

The Week Aqua P Series lights are incredibly easy to install and operate. They come with the option of attaching a bracket to mount or via an included hanging kit. Connect via Bluetooth to the Week Aqua APP and choose from a range of pre-configured light spectrum templates or set your own. The app allows you to adjust brightness, control when your lights turn-on and off and initiate sunrise/sunset mode.

These lights are ideal for those with deep tanks, looking to really bring out rich colors, or those who are looking for the best lighting output without breaking the bank.

Discover endless possibilities for your aquascaping hobby with The Aquascape Shop.

Product Information

Feature: RGB+UV, Full spectrum, APP control
Out Put
36V 3A
36V 4A
36V 4.33A

Week Aqua P Series RGB-UV LED

Preferred choice of IAPLC Champions

Week Aqua P Series RGB-UV LED in Matthew Manes’s submission to IAPLC 2021

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

P600PRO, P1200PRO, P900PRO

2 reviews for Week Aqua P Series RGB-UV LED

  1. martinbuys95

    Recently purchased the 90cm version of this light. The quality of the light is fantastic and it certainly looks great on the tank. It is very bright, even for a deep tank, and everything is adjustable in the app. Can change brightness, colour spectrum, set a timer, adjust the fans etc. The draw backs would be the usability of the app, it certainly isn’t particularly user friendly, but then again you only need to adjust it once or twice and leave it. The fan can also be a bit noisy, not the end of the world but is noticeable in a quiet house. Other than that, I love the light, it’s fantastic for the price. Also need to mention how great the aquascape shop’s service is. Great communication, always willing to help and give advice etc. Best service I’ve ever received, so I would certainly purchase from them again.

  2. adam.kathy (verified owner)

    I have both the 120cm and 90cm version of this light and I love it. While the app can be tricky as said above you set it up once, leave it be. I have mine on the timer so it turns on at 30% then goes to 100% about an hour later then the same in reverse at night trying to mimic nature a bit more than just flicking a switch. Thanks

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