Acrylic Tank Cover Bracket

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  • Set of 4
  • High-quality Acrylic
  • Easily Installed
  • Allows for cover on rimless tanks

Select a size that matches the thickness of your rimless aquarium.

Purchase this item and get 1129-1477 Points - worth $0.56-$0.74
Purchase this item and get 1129-1477 Points - worth $0.56-$0.74


Acrylic Tank Cover Bracket

Acrylic Tank Cover Bracket are typically used to prevent fish or other aquatic animals from jumping out of the aquarium. Many fish are capable of jumping surprising distances, especially when they are startled, stressed, or excited, and if they jump out of the aquarium, they can suffer serious injuries or die. In addition, some fish species may be toxic or dangerous to humans or other pets, so keeping them in the aquarium is important for safety reasons.

Aquarium jump guards are usually made of mesh or plastic and cover the top of the aquarium, preventing fish from escaping while still allowing air and light to flow through. They are particularly important for aquariums that house fish that are known to be jumpers, such as angelfish, certain types of cichlids, and many species of tetras. Additionally, aquarium jump guards can also prevent debris or other objects from falling into the aquarium, which can harm the fish or disrupt the tank’s ecosystem.

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10mm, 12mm, 6mm, 8mm


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