Black Mountain Seiryu Stone

  • Highly jointed surface
  • Grey, Black, Blue & White colors
  • Perfect for Aquascaping
  • Raises water hardness
Purchase this item and get 860-19129 Points - worth $0.43-$9.56
Purchase this item and get 860-19129 Points - worth $0.43-$9.56
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Black Mountain Seiryu Stone

Black Mountain Seiryu Stone is a captivating addition to any aquascape. As the darker variant of the popular Seiryu stone, it brings elegance and depth to your aquarium.

With its beautiful dark grey color and subtle blue undertones, Black Mountain Seiryu Stone adds a sense of mystery and tranquility to your aquatic environment.

Featuring a craggy texture and intricate details, these stones allow you to easily create a natural-looking aquascape. The irregular shapes and rugged surfaces mimic the beauty of mountains and rock formations, providing endless creative possibilities.

It’s important to note that Seiryu stones, including the Black Mountain variant, may slightly raise the pH level and water hardness in your aquarium. Monitoring and adjusting water parameters accordingly is recommended to ensure the well-being of your aquatic inhabitants.

Choose Black Mountain Seiryu Stone to enhance your aquascape with its unique dark grey color, captivating textures, and natural appeal. Transform your aquarium into a serene underwater landscape and create a harmonious habitat for your aquatic companions.


Black Mountain Seiryu Stone Inspiration

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