Chihiros Shades

$49.99$98.99 inc. tax

  • Reduces Glare
  • Contains light spillage
  • High-Quality finish
  • Easy Installation
  • Available in both Mirror & Non-Mirror finishes
Purchase this item and get 4346-8607 Points - worth $2.17-$4.30
Purchase this item and get 4346-8607 Points - worth $2.17-$4.30


New Chihiros Shades

The New Chihiros Shades help you to contain the spillage of light from your Chihiros. These shades reduces glare and minimizes light reflection. Shades are easily installed onto both the front and the back of your lights.

Please select the right Chihiros Shades based on your lights.

Shade Selection Instructions:

  • If you have a 90cm light you’d need 2x 45cm
  • If you have a 120cm light you’d need 2x 60cm
  • If you have a Vivid 2 you’d need 1x Vivid 2
  • Packaging: 2 shades in 1 pack

Go on! If you can afford a Vivid 2 or a WRGB II you might as well get this… I mean… Why shouldn’t you?

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Additional information

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WRGBII 45cm, WRGBII 60cm, VIVID 2, WRGBII & WRGBIII Slim Mirror – 60cm, WRGBII PRO Mirror – 45cm, WRGBII PRO Mirror – 60cm, CII RGB Mirror


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