Chihiros Smart WiFi Hub

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  • Control all your Bluetooth capable Chihiros devices through Wifi, anytime anywhere.
  • Chihiros Intelligent Linkage Centre
  • Supports up to 8 Chihiros Devices simultaneously
  • 2.4GHz network

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Chihiros Smart WiFi Hub

Introducing the Chihiros Smart WiFi Hub – Intelligent Linkage Center, a cutting-edge device that brings advanced control and connectivity to your Chihiros devices. With support for both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections, this handy device allows you to take control of your aquarium to the next level.

Experience seamless control and convenience with the Chihiros Intelligent Linkage Center:

  1. Enhanced Connectivity: The Intelligent Linkage Center supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, providing a flexible and reliable connection for your Chihiros devices. Say goodbye to Bluetooth distance limitations and enjoy remote control capabilities like never before.
  2. Network Expansion: Connect up to 8 Chihiros devices to the Linkage Center, enabling you to effortlessly manage and control multiple devices simultaneously. Create groups, synchronize settings, and streamline your aquarium  management with ease.
  3. Remote Control: With internet access on your mobile phone, you can control your Chihiros devices anytime, anywhere. No matter how far away you are, as long as you have internet connectivity, you have the power to adjust and customize your lighting settings remotely.

The Chihiros Intelligent Linkage Center revolutionizes the way you interact with your aquarium lighting system. It offers the freedom and convenience of remote control, allowing you to manage your Chihiros devices effortlessly and achieve the perfect lighting environment for your aquatic ecosystem.

Upgrade your aquascape experience with the Chihiros Smart WiFi Hub – Intelligent Linkage Center and unlock a new level of control and connectivity. Enjoy the flexibility, convenience, and precision that this advanced technology brings to your aquarium.

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