Echinodorus Amazonicus

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Type: Sword
Origin: South America
Growth rate: Medium
Height: 15 – 45+
Light demand: Medium
CO2 : Low
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Purchase this item and get 799 Points - worth $0.40


The Amazon Sword grows rather big and can exceed 40 cm in height. It is therefore often used as a centre or focal plant in aquariums. The plant consists of lanceolate arched leaves that are about 2-3 cm wide. The leaf coloration is light green and you can see five veins that extend from the base to the tip of each leaf.

Amazon Swords should ideally be planted in a medium fine gravel bed. Like most of its close relatives in the genus Echinodorus, it can grow out of the water and is therefore a great choice for an open aquarium. It will however do fine completely submersed too. In the wild, you can often see Amazon Swords growing in boggy environments.

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