Lobelia Cardinalis Mini

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Plant info

Type: Stem
Origin: North America
Growth rate: Medium
Height: 3 – 15+
Light demand: Low
CO2 : Low


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Lobelia Cardinalis Mini

Introducing Lobelia Cardinalis Mini, a captivating cultivar of the renowned Lobelia Cardinalis, available at The Aquascape Shop, New Zealand’s premier aquascaping store. As the leading purveyor of the largest variety of aquatic plants, we take pride in offering this unique and sought-after aquatic gem.

Lobelia Cardinalis Mini is a meticulously bred cultivar derived from the esteemed Lobelia Cardinalis. This miniature variant retains the mesmerizing beauty of its parent plant while offering a more compact size, making it an ideal choice for aquascaping enthusiasts. It brings all the splendor of Lobelia Cardinalis in a smaller package, allowing for greater versatility in designing your underwater paradise.

Freshness and quality are paramount at The Aquascape Shop. Our Lobelia Cardinalis Mini is carefully cultivated and sold submerged, ensuring that you receive vibrant and healthy specimens ready to flourish in your aquascape. We meticulously maintain optimal conditions to nurture these plants, guaranteeing their exceptional quality and vitality.

With its vibrant green foliage and captivating reddish undertones, Lobelia Cardinalis Mini adds a touch of natural beauty and a splash of color to your aquascape. Its petite size makes it an excellent choice for foreground or midground placement, enabling you to create intricate and visually striking landscapes that truly stand out.

To assist you in maintaining the impeccable condition of Lobelia Cardinalis Mini, please refer to  this  comprehensive care instructions. These guidelines cover essential aspects such as lighting requirements, nutrient supplementation, and overall maintenance, ensuring that your plants remain thriving and stunning for years to come.

At The Aquascape Shop, we are committed to providing an extraordinary aquascaping experience. Our dedication to sourcing the finest aquatic plants and delivering unparalleled customer service has made us the foremost aquascaping destination in New Zealand.

Enhance your aquascape with Lobelia Cardinalis Mini, the remarkable cultivar of Lobelia Cardinalis. Unlock new levels of creativity and elevate the beauty of your underwater world. Discover the exceptional quality and expertise that The Aquascape Shop brings to every aquascaping endeavor. Shop with us today and witness the breathtaking transformation that Lobelia Cardinalis Mini can bring to your aquatic masterpiece!



Not all plants are equal. We work really hard to make sure you get the best quality plants at the best prices. What you can expect to receive are as per photos. All our plants are harvested fresh, algae free and in great health. The conversion process to submerged form starts in our grow out tanks, this ensures that your success with our plants are maximized.

Submerged: A plant grown completely below the tank’s waterline.

Emersed: A plant with growth above the tank’s waterline (leaves/stems, flowers).

We recommend the usage of a 2HR Aquarist Fertilizer with all our aquarium plants for the best growth, colouration and plant health.

Care Guide: The 2HR Aquarist way 

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