Hygrophila Difformis (Water Wisteria)

Type: Stem
Origin: Asia
Growth rate: High
Height: 20 – 30+
Light demand: Low
CO2 : Low


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Purchase this item and get 346-520 Points - worth $0.17-$0.26
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Hygrophila difformis from Asia is beautiful and undemanding stem plant.

Stems becomes 20-30 cm tall and 6-12 cm wide. A plant for beginners, which will help create balance in the aquarium from the start. Its rapid growth helps prevent algae because the plant absorbs a great number of nutrients from the water. The shortage of micronutrients leads to pale leaves, which may be an indication that the aquarium needs fertiliser.

In large aquariums its lobed leaves can create a distinctive group.


by George Farmer

The Dutch aquarium is aquascaped by George Farmer and is described in Practical Fish Keeping – an aquascape with an abundance of plants in rows and groups. Many stem plants with variations in structure and colour give a visual effect – and challenges! George’s largest challenge in planning the aquascape was the choice of plants and placement, and making sure they complemented each other. George grouped plants in the foreground, middle ground and background with a colour sub-category, and chose a combination of classical Dutch plants (like Lobelia and Bacopa) as well as several new plants (like Staurogyne and Pogostemon). Ludwigia is the red plant in focus, and Cryptocoryne wendtii ‘Brown’ adds a play of colours to the green. The aquascape has plants in abundant measures – and many of them are quick-growing. That is very helpful in avoiding algae as the aquarium is quickly balanced, but there is also a more frequent need for maintenance with the scissors.

Not all plants are equal. We work really hard to make sure you get the best quality plants at the best prices. What you can expect to receive are as per photos. All our plants are harvested fresh, algae free and in great health. The conversion process to submerged form starts in our grow out tanks, this ensures that your success with our plants are maximized.

Submerged: A plant grown completely below the tank’s waterline.

Emersed: A plant with growth above the tank’s waterline (leaves/stems, flowers).

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Submerged, Emersed


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